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Die Denkwürdigkeiten der Stadt Regensburg

“Notable events in the City of Regensburg’s history” (1810–1838) in their historical context – The collection of prints owned by Bavarian councillor Georg Resch in the Prince of Thurn und Taxis Central Archive.

  • Sivieri, Regina
  • Wilhelm Imkamp/Peter Styra (Ed.):
  • Thurn und Taxis Studies – New Series, Volume 14
  • Verlag Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg 2019
  • Length: 396 p., with numerous colour illustrations

Regensburg, with its characteristic medieval structures, received particular attention during the Romantic period at the beginning of the 19th century. Georg Alois Resch (1779 – after 1849), government official under the Kings Max I Joseph and Ludwig I of Bavaria, expressed this fascination and the growing scholarly interest in the city’s history and artistic monuments through his Ratisbonesia collection in the medium of graphic art. The Resch collection can be considered the most important bourgeois collection of Regensburg prints from this period. This volume examines Resch’s life and work and places the collection, which has been in the possession of the Princely Central Archive since 1839, within the general context of Regensburg collections and museums, while also establishing connections to the historical development of the independent print collection. Numerous prints from the collection of over 1,000 sheets are presented in detail.

Regina Sivieri, Dr. phil., born 1982, studied art history, Romance languages and literature and other subjects at the universities of Regensburg and Trieste.

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